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Things learned/suspected in and about 2009

1.     The nation is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
2.     Some people really do believe campaign promises.
3.     Family gatherings very often turn out to be trips back in time…years simply melt away.
4.     Life became higher, wider, thicker and deeper.
5.     Tourist are calling the Dollar the "American Peso". You should see them shopping downtown.
6.     The older I get, the less I sleep. The time as of now is 3:45 A.M. PST.
7.     Tiger Woods’ situation? Big deal. He had sex. I have a feeling it will become some very expensive sex. I just wonder why it took so long for  him to be found out.
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Other Photograph Amateur Web Pages

I once said I would start doing this a long time ago.
Occasionally I stumble across other websites that feature some part of the world.  I prefer websites where people are focused on their own locality, neighborhoods and cities
Forgive me for not providing a sample pictue, but there are things like copyright laws. I can only provide a link.
This entry is dedicated to
Gabcsi’ Photos.
He’s from Hungary, and usually responds very quickly to comments,
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Four women and one man (Funny and true!)

A man has a rendezvous with his mistress at a local hotel.
They decide to spice things up.
She ties him down.
Then she sends a text message to the other girlfriend and the man’s wife and a friend.
The other women arrive at the hotel a few minutes later.
The four women then begin to abuse the man verbally and physically.
They also had a very novel use for crazy glue.
From the Associated Press via the San Francisco Chronicle
(Do they even actually write any more?)
The man who was abused by the four women has now been arrested amd jailed. The allegations he’s facing are Child abuse, theft, unlawful use of a phone, and harrasment using a death threat.
From the Associated Press via the San Francisco Chronicle
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Sonia Sotomayor was a missed opportunity

That is exactly what I think about the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee "encounter" with Judge Sonia Sotomayor. I did not know she was appointed to the appeals court by George (Bush the Father) H.W. Bush back in 1992. She was also approved by a Republican  controlled Senate.  Once those facts were made known to me, the Judiciary Committee hearings took on a very strange aura.
So far there are three things I noticed
1) Those GOP Senators missed a fantastic opportunity to thump their chest and to claim Ms. Sotomayor as one of their success stories.
2) Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma made an odd half joke saying that  Ms. Sotomayor has some " ‘plainin to do." Maybe I’m slightly strange, but I’m not the only one who thought of Ricky Ricardo from the "I Love Lucy" show. There are a few problems with that attempt at humor. A senate hearing is no place for a joke like that. It was patronizing. I also want to point out that Desi Arnaz was Cuban (Ms. Sotomayor is Puerto Rican…I know I’m splitting hairs!), and Mr. Arnaz was a DAMN SUCCESFUL one at that.
3) Why would a Senator try to lecture a Federal Appeals Court judge about the role/duty of a Federal Judge?
It was strange to find some guest commentary in a few media outlets that agreed with me.
The most chilling thought I have had about the hearing is this: We may have just witnessed a snapshot of how one party has evolved since Ms. Sotomayor’s appointment to the Appeals court. From her appointment in 1992 to the recent hearings…the GOP has certainly changed.
Thanks for the links EP!
By Ruben Navarrette Jr.
By Frank Rich
The New York Times
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Supervisor Chris Daly buys a home

Congratulations to the Daly family on their recent purchase of a home. The Daly children are fortunate to be living only two doors away from their grandparents, which is Mrs. Daly’s childhood home!
I do have one concern…the house is in Fairfield, over 20 miles outside of San Francisco. My first thought was "Here we go again…did he not learn from former Supervisor Ed Jew?" (For those who aren’t from SF, Ed Jew was removed from office when it was determined that he did not live in San Francisco.)
Supervisor Daly has said that he will continue living in the city while his wife and children will be domiciled in Fairfield. I hope the arrangement works for the Daly family, but I have a feeling that many San Francisco residents will have some concerns about this arrangement as well. Judging by commentary left in local media websites and forums, some already have voiced their concerns about this arrangement.
What kind of message is this for San Francisco city residents…more importantly what is the message for those he represents in District 6?
Once again, congratulations to the Daly family. I do think there could be repercussions from this living arrangement. Most concerns will arise because of his involvement in housing policy in San Francisco as a city supervisor.
Supervisor Daly’s statement in the Fog City Journal
From the San Francisco Chronicle:
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Ft. Myers Beach Florida city manager fired.

City managers come and go. They serve at the leisure of mayors and city councils.
But this one city manager lost his job five hours after the mayor learned about his wife’s occupation. She’s an actress in adult films. That is right, she’s a porn actress, and no I didn’t make this up. The mayor claims that that city government is simply trying to maintain order, and the city manager’s wife is a distraction that is preventing work and governance from being done. The mayor also says that the manager’s work performance was fine and that the city council and the mayor himself all liked the town manager.
I smell a very expensive lawsuit or out of court settlement coming. I hope the mayor and city council have the checkbook ready.
From the Associated Press via the San Francisco Chronicle:
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It is called a “Red Herring.”

Hello my 5 diligent and vigilant friends! (The 5 of you know who you are!)
I’m writing this open letter to the 5 of you so that you know exactly where I stand. It is easier to address the 5 of you together rather than to write 5 seperate letters.
First I’ll address E.P.
Yes, you are right about the "distractions" all over the media and even the P-Forum, and you are absolutely correct about the one distraction posted here on my blog. In speech and debate, such things are called Red Herrings and they are intended to distract and pull a person off-subject. Yes, once again you are right that such tactics are employed everywhere  there are debates, especially when it comes down to politics. And once again you are correct in your observation. It is a tool that is being employed in a major fashion. I will leave it to you to do your own research and to decide for yourself whether it is either the political left or the political right that is, at this time heavily reliant on this tactic.
Nancy Pelosi’s name gets thrown EVERYWHERE these days. Along with many other prominent politicians. I  give you ONLY three reasons why this is so:
1) She’s a woman. No matter what any one ever tells you, there are many who truly believe that women should be at home, pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen.
2) She’s a democrat and one of the prime architects of the 2006 mid-term election.
3) She’s from San Francisco. You already know what the majority of the nation imagines about life here on the edge of the world.
Please don’t start your war here on my space. I know your still hot about a few other things on the forum, but believe me, once September 1st rolls around I will no longer be a forum author, will not have to appear neutral, and I have a lot to say about those 3 people that you are carrying on with there. I’m also very sorry about what was left on your blog, but like I said before:
"Some people will be hated simply because those who hate them, do not know them."
I’ll e-mail you later with some other things I want to tell you about life!
A & G
Your’e both intelligent so I have a request and an assignment for the two of you. Here is a list of the last 6 Speakers of the House of Representatives:  Thomas P O’Neill · James "Jim"Wright · Thomas "Tom" Foley ·  Newt Gingrich · Dennis Hastert · Nancy Pelosi
Go through and simply do some research…please provide credible links and sources. You know I’m a stickler for things like that. But most importantly I want to know what you think about each one. Then rank them…I’ll leave the criteria for ranking up to the two of you.
The two of you will probably come up with at least three list based on various items.
That rumor about that "entertainer" has been flying around for two years now. People in Mexico find it very suspicious that three families were able to move into such an exclusive neighborhood.
Always remember that in America, you have the right to speak up and speak loudly. It also means that people have the right to listen or not listen.
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Love made her steal $11,000,000.00

This is certainly one story that should be made into a movie. It has too many details for one news article.
A woman steals $11M from the state of Colorado and gives it to her married-with-children-ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend’s wife knew about this, and set up multiple bank accounts to handle the cash. The woman who actually stole the money says that she kept none of the loot for herself. She says that she gave it all to her  ex-boyfriend. The ex-bf and his wife are saying that they thought the money came from the ex-gf’s trust fund.
I’m wonder if Colorado has any laws against convicts making money from books and movies detailing their crimes.
From the Associated Press via the San Francisco Chronicle:
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Taxing Marijuana .

There has been a lot of talk and much written about legalizing and taxing marijuana lately here in California. I don’t have a personal problem with legalizing pot or taxing it. What I do have a problem with is all the talk about how it would help to close the now notorious California deficit. I get the impression that many people seem to think that pot is the Goose that will lay the Golden Egg. While legalizing pot may contribute to closing the yearly deficits, it will only put a dent in it. Tax revenues from pot alone can not, and will not make the deficit disappear. More than likely the Governor and Assembly will continue to spend the money willy-nilly on anything that crosses their minds and the feficits will continue on as if nothing has changed.
If "cheeba" is legalized and taxed, I would have a real problem if the revenue is used to fund education, law enforcement, courts, and prisons. Think of the message it would send to school age children. Courts would have to stop prosecuting for "mota", and many serving time for "KGB" will have to be released from state and county custody and also have their court and police records expunged.
On the other hand, tourism would get a HUGE boost. People already come here for wine tasting tours. Will people do the same for weed sampling tours? (I should invest in a bus company just to be ready!)
I can just imagine the ads beckoning people to visit California.
Eat your heart out ‘Vegas
From the San Francisco Chronicle
Besides, Marijuana is already one of the nation’s largest cash crops.
From the Los Angeles Times
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